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April Arleine | wasitapril

Know my hunger (Original Cyanotype on Hahnemühle 24x32)

Know my hunger (Original Cyanotype on Hahnemühle 24x32)

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Artwork: "Know my hunger"

Series: "Heavy Heart: Recovery Blues Series"

Enter the emotional journey of self-reflection and healing with my latest series, "Heavy Heart: Recovery Blues." Each piece in this collection encapsulates a profound narrative inspired by my personal journey towards healing.

Medium: Handmade Cyanotype on 300g Hahnemühle paper

Size: 30x40 cm (without Passepartout)

Inspiration: [Provide a brief insight into the inspiration behind the artwork, such as the artist's experience with heartbreak, confronting past traumas, or the transformative power of art.]

Artistic Technique: Using cyanotype photography I try to capture the essence of emotional transformation. The unique handmade cyanotypes on 300g Hahnemühle paper ensure each piece carries its own distinctive character.

Message: Through "Heavy Heart: Recovery Blues," I advocates for the importance of confronting discomfort and embracing vulnerability as integral parts of the healing process. These artworks serve as a reminder to keep our hearts open, make peace with the past, and embark on a journey of self-acceptance and love.


  • Unique handmade cyanotype artwork
  • Passepartout (frame not included)
  • Certificate of Authenticity

Shipping Information: Artwork will be shipped within EU - preparation and delivery can take up to 2 weeks. Shipping cost included. 

Note: Each cyanotype is handmade, and due to the nature of the process, slight variations in color and texture may occur, enhancing the uniqueness and charm of the artwork. Please note that cyanotypes should be protected from direct exposure to UV light to maintain their integrity and longevity. This can be achieved by framing the artwork with UV protective glass, ensuring its preservation for years to come.

The artist: April Arleine, an Austrian experimental photographer and artist, delves into the depths of the human psyche through her work. Self-taught and profoundly introspective, April integrates analog and digital photography with alternative processes such as cyanotype and chemigram. Her art represents an introspective journey, exploring the realms of shadow work — a psychological process of uncovering and assimilating repressed aspects of the self.

Explore my "Heavy Heart: Recovery Blues" series and choose the piece that resonates with you the most.

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