The V!BE photography residency is tailored for women passionate about photography. Get ready to immerse yourself in collaborative learning and co-creation amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Kissamos, Greece. Are you prepared to fuel your imagination under the Grecian sun? As a self-taught photographer, I recognize the value of constructive feedback and feeling at ease behind the lens. Join our vibrant community for a nurturing environment where we learn and create together, prioritizing the exploration of your unique artistic voice. Each day presents new challenges to inspire you to break boundaries and redefine your artistic expression. Join us for an enriching experience where your creativity will flourish.

What's included?

  • Intake Interview: to ensure V!BE is the perfect fit for you
  • Daily Challenges & Exercises: to supercharge your creativity
  • Community Building: forging connections with like-minded creatives
  • Assisted Photoshoots: apply new techniques and refine your craft
  • Tools: (Tripods, Reflectors & other useful Accessories)
  • 1:1 Coaching: together we evaluate your next goals
  • Accommodation: private or shared rooms
  • Total Meals: 14 (7 Breakfasts + 7 Dinners / vegetarian + vegan options)
  • Fitness Area: Equipped with mats, handweights, etc.
  • Wi-Fi: (of course)
  • FUN: (is ALWAYS at the heart of what we do)

Meet your host: April

I'm April, the host of the V!BE Photography Residency. I am an experimental photographer and artist from Austria currently leading a nomadic lifestyle. I'm thrilled you're considering joining my creative community in the stunning landscapes of Greece. To make sure this experience aligns perfectly with your expectations, I invite you to schedule a call with me. Let's get to know each other!

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